Vertical Blinds


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Vertical blinds are vertical lengths of fabric or PVC that are clipped to a sliding track at the top and operated with a plastic or metal chain. These pieces of fabric or PVC are joined together by weights to ensure the louvres are evenly weighted across the length of the track, no matter if they’re fully extended across the track or nestled together to let extra light inside. The louvres are also joined together by a chain at the bottom which works to stabilise the blinds.

There are plenty of designs to choose from that will fit any colour scheme and any style.

While the construction of these blinds seems straightforward, they’re designed to allow ultimate control over privacy and light in any environment. The vertical louvres tilt and turn depending on how much of a gap the user wants, plus they can also be drawn back completely to enable more light into a room. That makes them a great option for any space where control is paramount but where good design is also crucial.

Blackout vertical blinds give a room total privacy and block out more light than general blinds. For bedrooms, especially, blackout blinds can ensure that the amount of visibility and light allowed into the room is controlled at the same time as offering a blind solution that can be fully drawn back to allow plenty of light in.

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